Despite what's happening in the world, sellers still want to sell. But they also want safeguards to reduce the risk of introducing the corona virus into their homes. The solution is two fold:

1) Make sure the buyer coming to your home has all the information they need beforehand so that they're coming because it has made it to their short list.
2) Have a set of ground rules that buyers adhere to when they're in your home.

Information is what we excel at. Mike's experience in newspapers translates into quality, succinct, relevant details that answer questions before they're even asked. 

Each of our listings has a custom three-prong marketing approach that focuses on professional photos, informative no-nonsense video, easy-to-read descriptions, all bundled in a detailed custom brochure that buyers can either download off the Internet or take home when they visit your property. Details that will make it easy for a buyer to decide whether they really are interested.

But it's the video that is the most important factor right now. Detailed and free of promotional gimmicks, it is what every buyer is looking for and every seller needs today. Shot in high definition with only a sound track added, it presents your property in the best possible, most informative way. During the pandemic, we will be doing an additional video - one that shows specific details of flooring, cabinets, windows - all the things a buyer would be paying close attention to if they were visiting your home. The goal is to have a buyer write an offer subject to viewing your property, since they're confident of what your home is actually like.

Ground rules:
1) No showing until the buyer has viewed the videos.
2) Jaclyn or Mike attends every showing to verify the buyers are not exhibiting cold or flu symptoms.
3) Buyers and their Realtor thoroughly hand sanitize or wear rubber gloves throughout the showing. 

Getting buyers to the property is one thing, dealing with an offer is another. First, telephone and electronic signing reduce the need for personal contact between you and us. Second, our combined experience in excess of 42 years has made us experts at negotiating an enforceable contract. We’ve seen just about every scenario so we're able to spot potential snags and omissions when an offer comes in - a skill that's especially important given the uncharted territory we're in now. We know what we're doing. It's one of the major reasons our clients keep coming back to work with us.

We're available to do a sample video of the exterior of your property at no charge, and provide a market analysis of your property. Send us an email or give us a call 250-493-2244 ('ING' if you reach the directory).